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E.G. Weiss & Associates


The culture of EG Weiss is built and sustained by our values and the way we view our associates.  Each of our associates has a different perspective, a different background and different experience thus creating a diverse team of professionals waiting to work with you to meet your goals and assist you in finding the correct and most effective solutions.

We are always looking for new relationships with skilled professionals that can bring unique insight to the table so if you think you belong on this page, please reach out us soon!

No wasted time. No wasted money. No empty promises.

Just real people ready to help.

The name of our company may lead one to believe that we are some large corporate entity with several floors of offices filled with "associates" but that is not the case.  Our list of associates is a list of partners, colleagues, peers, advisors and fellow responders that over the years have created a family. That family is held together by a small staff of people that have invested in the future of EG Weiss' concepts and philosophies not products and services so you will get the honest answer every time.

We want you to know who you are dealing with, who will answer the phone, who will return that email and who will be there when you run into trouble.

Almost all of our associates have their own firms and we encourage you to reach out to them!

Our core team cares about you, your needs and your budget so when you reach out, feel free to lay it all out on the table so we can do our best to serve you.

Our Team of Associates

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