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Buzzard's Blog

This blog is simply random thoughts that have turned into articles and are meant for anyone in the arena whether you are a vendor or contractor, responder or administrator. You will all find something for you within these writings.

If you are searching for advice based on three decades of experience or just looking for new insight into current events in the world of homeland security, emergency management, response, training or reaching those audiences with an idea, service or product, then you will enjoy this blog. 

WARNING: I have no filter, am not politically correct and have no intention of writing fluff. I believe in God. I believe in family. I say the pledge of allegiance and I stand for the National anthem. I support law enforcement, the green line warriors and the rest of America's responders.

I also am not ignorant. I know there is much wrong with our current systems, that immigrants are people and that America has some systemic issues that need to be addressed in order to change our children's future.

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