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Chaos and Mother's Day

Updated: May 20, 2023

Well, I finally did it. This is my 100th Buzzard's Perspective Blog!

There is no nice way to put this one, folks. The situation at the border has become chaos as we expected and forecast months ago right here in this blog. Since the beginning of the year, border crossings including the “got-a-ways” now number higher than the population of the State of Minnesota and I really do not know where we will put them all nor how we will take care of them all, but Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said this morning that the Biden administration’s plan to curb illegal immigration has been successful.

The truth is that the only numbers that have lowered at the border are those numbers along the route lined with razor wire and Texas Governor Abbot’s soldiers and law enforcement.

These men and women have been standing their ground since mid-week holding back surges and crossings between port of entry points in order to curb illegal crossings. Border patrol is overwhelmed at the legal crossings and despite the administrations repeated claims that they are not dumping out large numbers of immigrants in nearby cities, I have seen for myself the bus loads being dropped just miles from the border.

So far, president Biden has refused comment on the situation.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the three days prior to Title 42's final day in effect, Border Patrol agents encountered more than 10,000 migrants per day. These numbers marked the highest single-day totals ever recorded and over the last twelve months, Border Patrol encountered an average of 6,900 migrants per day. One might remember that during the Trump administrations reign at the border crossings average 1000 per day.

Intelligence information confirms that after Title 42 was lifted and a Federal Judge interrupted Biden’s plans to release immigrants when shelters were full, the cartels have slowed down their own processing processes on the southern side of the border and are re-grouping. Numbers are expected to rise later this week.

Meanwhile, cities like El Paso and Brownsville are paying the price with immigrants wandering the streets using their newly acquired government-paid-for cellular phones to make travel arrangements to their final destinations. Many of these immigrants cannot afford that final travel so are becoming a part of the deteriorating border landscape and others wait while buses come and go with limited numbers of seats.

With such a surge of homeless will come what one might expect and that is crime and violence. Two people were killed, and five others were shot and injured in Yuma, Arizona located just 10 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, Saturday night. The Yuma Police Department announced the double homicide on Facebook Sunday morning, stressing that no suspects were in custody amid what remains an active investigation.

In a letter I received from Sheriff Mark Lamb Pinal County, Arizona. In the letter Lamb states, “This week, Republicans in the U.S. House are voting on legislation that would bring about some of the most stringent border security measures our country has ever known. President Biden has promised to veto the bill. As an American, this makes me angry. As the Sheriff of Arizona’s third largest county, it will make my job harder than it already is.”

While it is difficult to cover every story and interview, I have been able to gather enough information to reveal that both sides of the aisle agree on the main issues of needed funding, more personnel at the border and more resources but the drama seems to be over a Democrat-Republican hatred that still prevails despite the obvious chaos we are presently experiencing.

As mentioned earlier this week by several political science experts, this new election will be focused on two candidates, probably Trump and Biden as opposed to the last election where the election was truly the focus of just one candidate: Trump. The experts have explained that in the last election, people either voted for Trump or against Trump but nobody really voted for Biden. It makes sense when we look at the border policy issue today. In this next election, voters will be able to look at Trump and Biden as tow separate choices, but as of right now, the last election’s attitudes still remain as policies that make sense are shot down because of the who presented them rather than considered for their value and successful history.

At this moment, we have very real people being lied to south of the border being told that America has everything at the ready so they can begin their new lives. On the north side of the border we have a country that cannot take the population of Minnesota moving in all at once and we are no where ready to take care of large immigrant populations like we are seeing.

As I spend time with those along the border this week, I will continue to update you, but maybe we should spend today talking to God a little. Thank Him for all the mom’s out there, especially yours, and then pray for all those moms that just arrived in America carrying their weary children as they become victims of a country torn apart and so busy hating that nobody even knows she arrived.

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