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Night of rage?

There have been no reports of widespread protesting despite the best efforts of the groups that include "Scenes from the Atlanta Forest". While Friday January 20th was to be a night of retaliation against law enforcement for the shooting death of protester Manuel Teran Wednesday in Atlanta, there seems to be a lack of response on the actual streets to the call to arms:

Posted on January 20, 2023

Around the country tonight, solidarity attacks against the police in response to the call for a “night of rage” are expected. Even after the night has ended, we cannot forgot what Tortuguita died fighting for. We must pick up the mantle in its stead. *** It’s late. The sun is setting. We are running out of time. Wherever you are, destroy the property of the contractors that make this project possible. Make it absolutely impossible for them to justify maintaining a relationship with the Atlanta Police Foundation. Make the Cop City contract a financial disaster for them. Alternatively, Come to Atlanta. Defend the forest with us. Participate in the proud tradition of activists that have traveled to Atlanta, Georgia in order to fight police-enforced repression. Bring a group of friends that you trust. Live in the forest. Live on your own terms. We have the numbers, but our advantage will slip without immediate support from comrades around the country and around the world. The walls are closing around Weelaunee. We cannot win this battle alone. This is the apocalypse. Submitted anonymously over email.

Teran is being hailed as a hero and martyr with pages of what could be deemed "manifestos" being posted throughout social media. At this point, while all is yet quiet, let's hope that the calmer heads did indeed prevail as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has determined that the bullet that hit the trooper was from Teran's gun and that the initial report was accurate despite the claims of his colleagues that Teran never had a weapon and that he was murdered and the act was covered up by law enforcement.

GBI photo of the handgun that was in Manuel Esteban Paez Teran’s possession. The handgun is a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. Forensic ballistic analysis has confirmed that the projectile recovered from the trooper’s wound matches Teran’s handgun.

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