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Resolutions vs. Resolve

Updated: Jan 1

I am going to lose weight.

Resolutions. Every year. And every year we blow them off before Valentines Day.

Most people blame their failure to fulfill resolutions on a lack of time, resources, or motivation, or a loss of zeal after starting. Only about 16 percent of people are able to follow their resolutions, according to research.

I will start by asking that you spend less time talking about resolutions you won't keep and start living and acting with some resolve instead.

As a noun, the word "resolve" refers to a strong determination to do something and this year it needs to apply to becoming more involved, more educated, more informed and more aware.

This is an un-honored resolution. It would take RESOLVE to fix it.

It is a New Year and with it will come some changes to this blog and, quite frankly, a few other of my involvements. I never in a million years thought that my blog posts would go this direction and take on this tone but the time has come to quit playing around. I have studiously provided you all with insightful and educational materials for a long time now with over 200 articles on emergency management and homeland security issues but my following has been sparse and shares from Linkedin have been minimal.

If you are reading this blog, then share it. If it is worth your time, then choose some friends or colleagues who would think the same. If we cannot get information out from this outlet, then I am wasting my time.

As I have written before, the border is in trouble and I have been posting forecasts for almost two years here and my clients know that I have been accurately forecasting situations at the border for almost 7 years. I wish this New Year brought hope and joy, but as I watched the phenomenal drone show in Dallas last night, all I could think of was the chair is against the wall…the chair is against the wall…John has a long moustache.

If you do not understand this reference, use your search engine or go back and read my archived blogs.

We no longer have a problem at our southern border because we have no border.

Please take a look at this video from just a few days ago showing truckloads of illegals running the security gates in Arizona and pause to go back and read my Invasion USA blog from just a week ago.


That video alone should send shivers up your spine.

According to our friends at Border Patrol, they now say that there was over 276,00 migrant encounters at the southern border as of December 27th. That is the highest single month ever recorded, breaking the prior record set in September at 269,735.This does NOT include the number of "gotaways", which are being estimated to be twice as many (an additional 500 thousand) this past month.*

Folks, there is no border.

We are now at over 760,000 migrant encounters since October 1st, NOT including "gotaways", making the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 also the highest ever recorded.

To put this into perspective, this is more people than the population of cities such as Baton Rouge, Grand Rapids, Colorado Springs, Rochester or DesMoines all coming into the United States in three months! 

If the video above was not scary enough, take a look at this next video and remember that this is happening right now in our country while we are focusing on Taylor Swift’s attendance at the Chief’s game. In this video you will see what I have seen; a country being overrun, agents being overwhelmed and so little support that there are groups now plasma cutting through the steel border wall (you will see the repairmen in this video).

I am not saying that we are being invaded by "filthy" people nor am I focusing on a single race of people that I do not want here (so keep your hate mail). I have plenty of words inmy mouth without anyone putting more in there. This is not about race. It is not about color.

What I am telling you is that we have NO IDEA HOW IS HERE NOW nor do we know what their intentions are. We have caught almost 500 from the FBI terror watch list coming many did we miss? Why is this being ignored?

It does matter that thousands of these folks are Mexican or Chinese or Iranian or from Ukraine. What matters is that we have no room in the Inn and no means or plan of supporting these numbers!

For years I have written and reported on the border situation with a great non-partisan lack of flavor but the time has come to start just calling things what they are.

Whatever the goals are of the current administration, they are not for the future success or stability of our country. As threats continue to increase and chatter gets louder regarding possible attacks on American soil, we are allowing thousands upon thousands of unknowns into this country every day. For as poorly as this crisis has been handled, the administration has chosen to close influx centers, not open them, cancel new sheltering and processing centers rather than build them.

Whatever statements or rhetoric is being pushed out, the truth is out here in the field where nothing is being done, news is being hidden, videos are being censored and the equivalent of almost an entire military force has broken through our border gates and scattered themselves in our cities and communities.

For years sanctuary cities stood tall and proud denouncing those of us that worked the situation. They claimed us to be racist and hateful, oblivious to the needs of those coming to America for a better life. Those cities are now screaming at us to solve the issue, to supply more goods and services along with more man power… all of which we have completely depleted.

There is no more. We allowed our country to be overrun in less than one year.

Every hour an Eagle Pass Fire Department first responder responds to either the Rio Grande or a Customs and Border Protection (CPB) holding facility to address a migrant-related emergency. The cost of this response? When all is said and done, the response is no different than any similar chain of responses here in my own hometown when the fire department and an ambulance is called…about $21,000 per day.

Who pays for this along the border?

Eagle Pass.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department has been averaging about 45 EMS calls a day with 30 of them migrant-related. Before September of this year, the department reported less than  30 calls per day total.

The department spends roughly $700 on each call, meaning migrant-related responses alone adds up to that $21,000. Doing the math quickly, that leaves Eagle Pass with a bill of $651,000 per month. Eagle Pass is a community of 28,130 people with only one hospital that is now continually backed-up causing over 30 minutes of additional wait time for those needing treatment.

Still wishing to give you perspective, this tiny community of 28,000 is encountering over 10,000 migrants being held in Eagle Pass and recently (last week) saw 4,000 more come through town in a single day.

Almost three years ago I hosted a field exercise that featured a cartel gunfight along a highway. It was met with rather less than positive reviews as law enforcement did not seem to grasp the relation the scenario had with their everyday lives in law enforcement but over the last few weeks a new war has broken out amongst the cartels just south of the border and the violence is spilling over into the U.S. and will continue to do so as members of these cartels are now crossing with weapons to the United States in order to avoid retaliation after shootings and attacks.

Perhaps that exercise was a reflection of my years of experience and insight as to the real state of the union? We are about to see our law enforcement challenged like never before because of these situations and when they find themselves outnumbered or overwhelmed, the average American will then be faced with a reality that was not on the news but yet was there for all to see.

As we continue into the New Year, I will continue to write, continue to release real news about our border and I am sure I will continue to warn you about the consequences of the choices that have been made over the last few years. We have reached a point of breaking and with threats on all sides, have weakened ourselves beyond repair.

In making your New Year’s resolutions, make one of them to become more active in speaking up, posting more and as that election nears, making sure that you don’t get caught up in the frenzy and adrenaline of the cult of personality and make some wise choices.

*Update 1-1-24

Confirmation from CBP sources say that in the month of December alone, there were more than 302,000 migrant encounters - the highest monthly total ever recorded.

And since October 1st, there have been more than 785,000 encounters - the highest first quarter on record.

Source estimates the number of "gotaways" could easily be TWICE that number... putting the total since October 1 close to 2.5 MILLION into America.

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