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E.G. Weiss & Associates


Community Programming

While we have many programs that may fit your library or community organization schedule this
year, below are two that we are promoting due to demand and popularity of subject material. 
Contact us today to discuss all of our library-friendly programming!

Take a look at the largest migration to the United States in history through the eyes of someone
behind the scenes. Hear the stories of families that have come to America looking to realize their
dreams and see the dangers and threats that are also challenging our country at the same time.
Learn what is happening in these other countries that is driving this migration and learn about the
heroes that reach out everyday.
This program is not political and is not to be hosted for political purposes. This program
contains the real stories of immigrants that have struggled to reach the United States, the recent
history in other countries that has caused  these immigrants to seek a better life, the facts about
the threats along our nation’s borders, the backstage view of what we are seeing on television
and EG Weiss’ own experiences as his career has placed him in the midst of this part of
America’s history.

EG Weiss reserves the right to refuse booking inquiries that are questionable.
Please reach out to us using our CONTACT PAGE.

Something's Coming
This fast-paced learning program is for kids or the kid in you. Learn 2 dozen severe weather facts
in under one hour while hearing the hilarious stories of storms gone by.  This program is chock-
full of science and fun and is the program that launched a decade of thousands of presentations
across the country!

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