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E.G. Weiss & Associates


Speaking & Training

For years, as his career developed, Eddy Weiss was a rising star on the speaking circuit and it's no wonder the demand has continued to increase over the last decade.

With his history in weather monitoring and research as well as an extensive background in emergency management and disaster response, his unique perspective will intrigue any audience. Eddy’s insight has created hundreds of presentations that have become a valuable resource for literally thousands in dozens of markets.

From comedy to tragedy, from anecdotes to adventure stories, from the thrill of the chase to the chase of the thrill, audiences are captivated by each and every program, creating a great demand for programs that can be geared to any age in almost any industry.

Author E. G. Weiss addresses the subject of operability at the Illinois Public Health Summit

Aside from his own incredible array of presentations on dozens of subjects, Eddy has created a team of educators and presenters that is comprised of well-educated and inspiring presenters and the range of programs available is almost unreal.

EGW programming is available for corporations, associations, schools and school districts, libraries and library associations, faith-based organizations, civic groups, municipalities, response agencies, universities, colleges and more.

Our instructors are passionate about their programs, and now is the time to find out about current tours in your area or region. Each tour is packed full of available programs for you to choose from and each tour features a different instructor with a different message.

Because our presenters are all on active duty in fields that include EMS, Fire, law enforcement, the military and homeland security, every presentation, keynote and training is fresh, current and holds insights from the field.

"The hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest of men." ~Henry David Thoreau


It is this very thought that inspired the effort we have placed into our programs for America's responders. Throughout the country, there are men and women that brave the most dangerous of battles for their community, and often times, without much assistance.

For the last several years, we have worked to create new programs and presentations to bolster support of our local heroes. Now, with more partnerships than ever, we are pleased to say that we have created an extensive array of opportunities for the local fire department, police department, 911 center, hospital, emergency management office and more.

Amidst programming and presentations that can help you create a network of volunteers in your community, we can assist you in the continuing education of your local responders, help set up training classes, introduce you to new equipment, techniques and products that will keep your organization on top of the latest in disaster preparedness and response.

The team has a vast background that enables us to create the programs YOU are looking for and desperately need.

It is all about practical solutions, and over the years, we feel we have found many of these practical solutions, many costing nothing at all!

Why struggle to battle complacency alone? Why wait until there is room in the budget to do your job? Our goal is to partner with agencies across the country and successfully become a part of the solution adding strength, numbers, expertise and passion.

We now offer training that includes severe weather tracking, pandemic flu, hazardous materials awareness, infectious disease control, ethanol danger awareness, infectious disease awareness and other topics, we now are assisting agencies in the creation of up-to-date policy-procedure manuals.

From Dam Sectors to ESF Functions, from Incident Command to Emergency Management struggles, from post disaster stress management to mass casualty training, we have what you are looking for.

Is it time for a table-top or full scale? Contact us and find out why E. G. Weiss & Associates has been the choice of so many to assist in these crucial plannings.

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