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Each year there are certain HOT TOPICS that are in demand more than others.  While the descriptions for some of this year's HOT TOPICS are here for you to read, remember that each presentation, seminar, workshop and keynote is customized for the audience.

Is there a topic you are looking for? Contact us today and let's discuss it!

*This is NOT a complete list, contact us for more information and other topics*

The Definition of “Unprecedented”


For years disasters major disasters have been described as “unprecedented.  Within a 60 day period of late summer 2017, the word “unprecedented” was suddenly re-defined. 

In this presentation, tactical operations unit Commander E. G. Weiss, Jr. explores the challenges of the late 2017 hurricanes, wildfires and floods from a first-hand perspective as he interlaces his team’s accounts from the ground and the messaging that has perhaps endangered an entire generation.

What really happened on the islands? Did Harvey make landfall in Houston or somewhere else? Why was response delayed in so many areas? Can politics really kill people?

Weiss will submit lessons to be learned and challenges to agencies as this unique look at these disasters exposes the shortcomings of plans that were made for the wrong definition of “Unprecedented” and the need for a new definition of emergency management.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

You Have A Drug Problem


While most of us would never even dream of touching drugs, our jobs require that we do. As the fentanyl situation across the United States continues to escalate, so does the threat to people such as EMT's, law enforcement officers, forensic investigators, lab technicians and even coroners and funeral directors.

The unprecedented rise of fentanyl has forced police and crime labs to change how they work. Some police departments are using protective gear like Tyvek suits and respirators while agencies around the country try to get permission to carry naloxone, not for the patient, but for themselves.

Are you aware of the threats to your response agency?  What actions should you be taking right now?  How do we increase not only awareness but safety protocols before we lose someone on a call?

Eddy Weiss makes no apologies for this in-your-face and potentially lifesaving program designed for both small and large audiences.

What our border crisis means over the next 5 years


While all eyes are on the border, there seems to be many perspectives ranging from an invasion to a crisis to a situation relatively under control.  This presentation takes a look at the hard facts and number of our present border situation and interprets the numbers to view into the future of consequence management.

From hospitals and clinics to schools and businesses, the numbers show that we are in for some challenges worth preparing for.  The influx of refugees and immigrants into this country are already posing challenges for law enforcement, the fire service and EMS but what should we expect over the next five years and how will effect emergency management as whole?

This is a no-nonsense non-political presentation on the future of not just emergency management but the future of every response agency, government agency and institution in the country.


This awareness training is for the seasoned veteran as well as the new responder. Taking a look at the history of responder PTSD findings, this course looks at the evolution of crisis intervention for responders, positive and negative stress, healthy coping mechanisms, symptoms of psychological crisis and basic actions to be taken when one sees a responder unsuccessfully dealing with job or call related stress.

Option: This event can be held as a special program that includes spouses and partners.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


What if there was one source you could use to become the greatest leader?  Would you read it?

Eddy Weiss has become known around the country for his refreshing (and sometimes controversial) views on emergency management philosophy. With over three decades of experience and numerous awards behind him, Weiss has finally ventured into authoring a book on emergency management principles that is written for those in the trenches. in this presentation, Weiss has chosen to focus on twelve historic biblical events and the characters from those events that found themselves facing off with choices that mimic today’s emergency and disaster response scenarios.


From Paris to Vegas, from Virginia Tech to San Bernardino, we live in a nation of soft targets.  Learn how to recognize soft targets whether they are geographical or physical locations or they are your very own department and its personnel.  How do we harden targets?  Why is it our concern?  Can the way we respond become a soft target? What are the consequences of ignoring warnings and past failures?  In this presentation, the attendees will be required to interact as we address selected targets, protocols and locations while we investigate how important it is to re-assess the current strategies we use on a daily basis in the world of emergency response.


In this clinical presentation the attendee will learn about infections and microorganisms.  While this is an overview of the science behind infections, the presentation will delve into high-risk occupations where infection is a serious and sometimes reality.  Subject matter includes an update on COVID, a look at MRSA and its risks to responders as well as norovirus and how it is spread.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


This program is based on an 18th Century folktale and focuses on the reality of ego in the field of emergency response and how ego can cost lives.  This is a leadership program that takes a humorous look at a serious subject and challenges the audience to implement new policies and action s in order to achieve unity within and across agencies.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


The forensic lab technician is only as good as the evidence that is delivered to them. The better you can identify evidence in the field, the better the forensic lab can conduct a thorough analysis of that evidence. While there have been significant advancements in Alternative Light Sources for field use, the most powerful tool we have is the knowledge of how to use which lighting tools and filtrations for what type of evidence.

Different types of evidence react very differently to different wavelengths of light and colors of filtration. We will discuss how to use Alternative Light Sources (ALS) and filtration to identify evidence in the field more accurately and efficiently.

During this presentation, We will show you what combinations are most effective for different bodily fluids, fingerprints, bone, fibers, GSR, etc.

We will also discuss how different lighting techniques can help enhance details and eliminate false positives during evidence searches. Lastly, we will demonstrate how the proper use of scene lighting can make your evidence search safer, faster and more secure.


Length: 40 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: Possible


This program addresses how to discover and repair the flaws in your disaster plan.  Program can be adapted to law, fire, city, EMS, community, faith-based, educational institution and more.  During this program the attendee will review 6 case studies, participate in round table discussion and be given the tools needed to create a new repair program immediately following the event.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


Watch your young people learn at a tornadic rate of speed as they memorize and understand dozens of severe weather science facts in just one hour! This event is fast paced, energetic and full of not only storm stories but the science and lessons behind it all.  This program has been a favorite for over 15 years and has been created in versions for an all-ages audience, K-2, 3rd grade-5th grade, Middle School and High School.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: NO


Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

Unwanted Aggressor and Active Shooter

Length: 60-90 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

Bank Robbery and Active Shooter for Banks and Financial Institutes

Length: 60 - 120 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES



When disastrous events effect a community, perhaps the largest hurdle to overcome is what Eddy Weiss refers to as “Generational Gap”.  Cyclical events such as severe weather reveal this gap more than any other type of event.  In this challenging situational awareness presentation, Weiss explores the need for real mentorship in the world of emergency management and response citing countless examples and case studies of responders and emergency managers that were caught unaware by events that happened in their communities, just not in their lifetime.

How do we plan for a situation that the only the last emergency manager has seen?  How do we train for events with our present staff that only our retired firefighters remember?

Could response have been better in during the blizzard of 2011 if we had tapped the experience of those that had responded during the blizzard of 1993?  Those responders are long retired, so how do we access their knowledge and experience?  Weiss challenges us to not only imagine the insight we could have from those that responded to and survived previous events, but challenges us to seek out that insight before it is lost in history books and the graves of those that figured it out.

More than 400 people in the Northeast died during the blizzard of 1888. Texas rebuilt after the hurricane of 1900. Find out how to tap into the wisdom of those that forged the path we are now finding ourselves on. The Tri-State tornado outbreak was in 1925.  Find out how to escape from the trap of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

The Need For An Unmanned Safety Culture


Man has taken to the skies yet again, but unlike in the days of the Wright brothers, the tech has emerged at a high rate of speed while protocols and a culture of safety has yet to surface.  In this presentation, Weiss (who commands a national tactical response unit and utilized unmanned aerial craft in the field for years) takes a hard look at the "wild west" of sky-bound drones, who is using them, who shouldn't and what we can all do to promote and create a safety culture while creating true guidelines and standardized practices.


We now operate in a climate that is far from “cop-friendly” and whether or not you work in a town of 200 or 200,000, national social, political, emotional and economic shifts have changed our lives. At the core of each cop there is a need to be in control of every situation but what happens when we get home? Opiates, alcoholism, depression and domestic issues are plaguing our world more than ever and we are bringing our work home. How do we find balance between becoming a survival specialist in the field while relying on our loved ones at home? Are we taking the uniform off when we’re supposed to? In this workshop we will take a look at faith, family, balance and mental health in a world that seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Length: 30 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES



The world of infectious disease control is a scary one, unless of course, you just ignore it. In this presentation, speaker Eddy Weiss looks at the history of infectious disease in the United States, the methods used in the past and the importance of protocols in today’s changing world of threats. This fun and easy-to-understand program takes a look at recent lessons learned, why we should not forget the lessons of the Ebola outbreak and how we can apply simple measures in the workplace and at home to prevent what could be the catastrophic event of this century.

During this presentation attendees will learn how to use a simple UV light to inspect their vehicles (in particular, ambulances, fire trucks and police cars), their workplace and equipment. 

Attendees will get to view pre-created large acrylic “slides” with UV lights in a unique and enlightening hands-on experience.


The world of infectious disease control is a scary one, unless of course, you just ignore it. In this presentation, trainer Eddy Weiss looks at the history of infectious disease in the United States, the methods used in the past and the importance of protocols in today’s changing world of threats. This laid-back program takes a look at recent lessons learned, why we should not forget the lessons of COVID and how we can apply simple measures in the workplace and at home to prevent what could be the catastrophic event of this century.  Also covered in this program is the lack of attention paid to drug contamination during the course of our law enforcement workdays.  

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

There's a Wolf at My Door: A Look Back at the Joplin Tornado​

Length: 90 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

The Farm at Risk: Insights into Agro-Terrorism​

Length: 60-90 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES

Coming to America is  brand new program for 2023 and intended for adult audiences High School and up.

2023 is the LAST year to schedule the ORIGINAL severe weather science and preparedness program that started our company's program tours over 15 years ago!

"The Definition of Unprecedented"

by EG Weiss is now available on Amazon Kindle!


We Could Have Been Great (based on the new book by the same title)

Weiss’ new controversial book, written during the escalating COVID-19 crisis in 2020 takes a look at America's pandemic history and the ignorance that brought us to where we are today.  Want to know where we will be in 5 years?  This book-based program could hold the answer!


​The idea of a pandemic was not new. Specialists warned us. History warned us. The warnings fell on the ears of an America that heard the warnings but upon becoming aware of the changes and effort that would be required decided that procrastination would somehow magically turn reality into something more manageable.

We believed that if we believed these threats were contained then they would be contained.  We believed that if these threats were thousands of miles away, they would stay thousands of miles away. We believed that if we were wrong, we had elected and hired the right people who would make the problem disappear. And so, we existed in our self-created, isolated world of ignorance.

Length: 90 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: YES


This program is designed for business owners and managers. Perfect for a Chamber of Commerce! From risk assessments to business continuity planning, this workshop takes a look at the needs of the specific business community and how pre-planning can play a role in re-establishing normal operations after a disaster. Attendees will find how to avoid financial losses, how to educate employees in disaster preparedness, what the legal requirements are for business continuity planning, how to avoid loss of market share, how to protect assets, how to guarantee commodity and supply flow, how to mitigate negative publicity and much more!

Length: 60 - 90 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: Possible



With reference to the popular movie “War Games”, this program is designed for Junior and Senior High Schoolers and takes a hard look at the current state of the security of America.  This program focuses on the need for young people with exceptional computer skills to pursue careers in homeland security, law enforcement and infectious disease control.  Also in this program we will delve into the myriad of careers in both the private and government sector for young adults. This is STEM focused.

Length: 60 Minutes

Certificate of Completion: NO

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