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For decades we have known that people learn better by doing and by getting feedback when they make mistakes.
This is why soldiers, surgeons, and astronauts were among the first to utilize VR technologies in their training. That level of learning was only afforded by the well-funded entities such as the military, the government and large hospitals but now that VR costs have dropped over the past several years while the technology has advanced, the chance for your organization to create high-end trainings is now presenting itself.
Like with the drone industry, once pricing dropped, the marketplace was flooded with millions of drone-owners but make no mistake; they were not all pilots. Flying a drone efficiently takes training, dedication, time, investment and an understanding of the technology.
At VirtuSafe, we bring that same expertise to the world of Virtual Reality (VR) along with a proven methodology and philosophy that can take your programs to a new level thus giving you an edge in your industry.

We bring a more efficient way to learn procedures.

Findings have found that by creating a VR training platform, corporations and organizations see the equivalence of VR training to face-to-face training coupled with impressive economic savings and decreased amount of time needed to train compared to traditional techniques.
Whether you are in need of a simple on-boarding system or an extensive practical and technical training program for tasks, skills, maintenance, repairs, inspections, work and product flow and/or safety procedures, you can be confident that you are in the right place with the company that knows how to produce the results you are desiring.

R-550D Drill Floor
R-550D Accommodations

R-550D Machinery Deck
ZXR-E Point Cloud of Air Plant

Inspection of Elios 3

We have all heard the old used car question: “What’s it gonna take to put you in this fine automobile today?” but what if you really could?
For several years now, VirtuSafe has successfully created virtual tours of buildings, properties, products and even vehicles that place the customer “in the drivers seat” before making large financial investments.
This method of presenting your product or service increases customer trust and relationships while maintaining consistent presentations day after day and month after month. 

Schedule a consult today to find out how effective VR can be in allowing your customers to remotely “kick the tires” and “feel the leather seats”! 

Dallas OEM C1 (Model)
CCFD Rescue (Model)

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