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Risk Mitigation and Assessments
If you have a strategic planning firm, consulting business, perform risk assessments or safety inspections, then we want to partner with you!

Are you exploring strategies to grow your business base, increase revenue or find additional services that can add value to your current service offerings?

Consulting is a B2B industry and we know that means it is all about the relationship. Once a client signs that dotted line, they are entrusting you with their safety, their future and their finances. It is for this reason that companies like yours ever partner with another as the risk can be too great inserting more voices and more people into something you have personally worked so hard for and have struggled to perfect.


What business growth strategies are you exploring?

We know how important it is that the wrong partners and lack of reciprocal cooperation will make or break the success of your company. We believe we are the partner you are looking for and can guarantee that this partnership will not jeopardize your brand or bog down your current processes.

By adding the myriad of services offered by VirtuSafe, you can now approach current and potential clientele alike with new and exciting ways to perform services you already offer! Imagine your next risk assessment stored in the cloud for your client giving them the ability to virtually walk through their own facility and see what you have reported first-hand!

While you may already perform safety assessments on corporate helipads, imagine virtually taking your client to that helipad with the ability to point out compromised structures, non-compliance issues or maintenance problems!

Take your assessments to a new level as we work in the shadows of anonymity while you present your brand, your people and your expertise!

"This is the future of risk assessments." ~ Joe Leonard Jr., MEP, MCP, CEM, CGEMC, CHPP, CPE, (CDR, USCG, ret.)


‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’ (CPTED) is a crime prevention theory focusing on tactical design and the effective use of the built environment, which when applied, reduces both crime and the fear of crime. A main objective of CPTED is to reduce/remove the opportunity for crime to occur in an environment, and promote positive interaction with the space by legitimate users. CPTED is a preventative, pro-active model, and not a reactive one.

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