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Have we let our guard down?

Should I ask Leonard to bring over your homework?

I don't have homework. I'm a grown man with a master's degree in engineering.

Excuse me, Mr. Fancy Pants. Want me to get you a popsicle?

If you have ever watched Big Bang Theory, you know that the relationship between Howard Wolowitz and his mother was a unique one but somehow, we could all relate. While Howard was an accomplished engineer, he still needed his mother despite how she sometimes made him feel. Such is the relationship with responders and instructors, especially when it comes to the mundane topics.

Sometimes we need to be reminded about the simple things because small things can turn into big things...

The graphic on the right is, of course, not a real ad, but it could be. Even in the post-covid world we literally let the guards down and went back to business as usual. This summer through winter I am encouraging your agency to consider reaching out to me and scheduling a training program focused on infectious disease control and cross-contamination prevention.

This two-hour training program is the updated version of what some of you may remember from EMS Today a few years ago and has become one of my favorites and the most-in-demand of all the trainings we offer at EGWeiss.

This program is designed to go way beyond situational awareness for first responders in law, EMS, fire and even utility and healthcare. Pull the agencies in your county together for a great training night of case studies, comedy, history and hands-on lab as we explore present and prevailing protocol regarding how we clean, how we operate on a daily basis, how we prevent post-contact infection and most importantly, how we stop bringing our “work” home with us to our families.

If you would like to know more or wish to schedule a training, please reach out via our website at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Stay safe!

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