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Update on “Are we about to see nationwide rioting again?” post

Manuel Esteban Paez Teran

Here is one of the names we will hear: Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, age 26. This is the man shot by Georgia law enforcement on Wednesday of this week. After Teran’s death, seven protesters were arrested overnight on domestic terrorism charges. Of the seven, none were from metro Atlanta.

While Teran’s colleagues are hailing him as a hero and martyr while claiming that the shooting was unprovoked, you can read the account in my previous blog “Are we about to see nationwide rioting again?” of how Teran shot a Georgia State Trooper and was killed in returned gunfire. After the shooting, agents then found mortar-style fireworks, multiple edged weapons, pellet rifles, gas masks and a blow torch at the campsite where Teran was shot.

I confirmed this morning that Twitter has indeed now suspended the account referred to in my previous post, but social media activity overnight has continued with the call to a “night of rage” being perpetuated on most of the platforms:

"A call for retaliation. Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies. On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade."

Law enforcement social media is also alive and active regarding the threats as groups are organizing this night of rage in major cities around the country. The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) has posted that officers should stay alert and stated that “Domestic terrorism has no business in our country and should be publicly condemned by every American, regardless of ethnicity, political party, or profession.”

TMPA is not just asking law enforcement to remain vigilant but to use this situation to remind the general public about the constant dangers LEOs face on a daily basis


It appears that the cast of this drama is about to get hard to track as the name “Treehouse Antifa” is now up and in play, but the group “Defenders of the Forest” claimed it is “a broad, diverse, decentralized movement to defend the Atlanta forest.” The group also claimed that it is only a “news aggregator for the movement” and is “not affiliated” with “Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.” I have found two Antifa sites promoting the night of rage and retaliation and

Ronald Mosley II

about a dozen other organizations either promoting the night or raising funds to bail out protestors over the weekend. There seems to be a growing group of groups complicating any tracking of messaging and I am sure will hinder any investigations into any violence that actually occurs.

A recent post from Mosley's FaceBook page.

Will things become more complicated over the weekend because of the event in Indiana? This remains to be seen.

On Thursday night (January 19, 2023) Evansville, Indiana law enforcement responded to an active shooter in the Walmart. As law enforcement arrived, they were immediately fired upon by Ronald Mosley II and so, returned fire killing the suspect.

After a few minutes on Mosley’s social media I determined easily that Mosley had a history with law enforcement and more than a few times had posted threatening posts regarding people that had wronged him. On Thursday Mosley entered the Walmart where he had been an employee and shot an old co-worker before engaging law enforcement in the gunfight that took law enforcement through much of the store before he was shot and killed.

I will keep you updated as I can.

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